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Blue Light Blocker Glasses

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Blue Light Blocker Glasses (Night use)


EMU Wellness is excited to bring you these super affordable and effective 99% Blue Light Blocker Glasses.

Why? Because we weren’t designed to be exposed to blue light at night and we value quality sleep!


Unlike more expensive clear ‘blue blocker’ glasses (ok for use during the day), or even the yellow 70% lenses…these orange lenses made to special specifications are the most effective blue blocker glasses to wear at night i.e. 99%! 

We have chosen the bigger wrap around design, simply because they help block out blue light from the sides as well. Thus doing a much better job for you.

Who cares what they look like, wear them in the privacy of your own home. Or let’s all start a craze and make blue light blocker glasses fashionable. Tag us on Instagram @emuwellness

  • Wrap around design to block out blue light from the sides as well
  • Adjustable arms for easy fit
  • Orange lenses absorb light spectum less than 520nm
  • Light weight, economical
  • Suitable for the whole family


If you use your mobile phone, iPad, computer, TV, and modern household lighting at night, than you can help protect yourself with these blue light blocker glasses.

With specially designed orange lenses which absorb the harmful Artificial Blue Light spectrum 380nm-520nm


Using Blue Light Blocker Glasses for a couple of hours before bed helps us calm our nervous system down ready for sleep quicker and prevents us staying up later than we should. Helping us get a better quality nights sleep.

We all know sleep is so important!


Why use Blue Light Blocker Glasses?

  • Do you use blue light admitting devises at night?
  • Are you having sleep issues?
  • Are you having trouble calming down before bed?
  • Are you staying up much later on your devices than you know is good for you?
  • Is quality sleep important to you?
  • Do you get eye strain and dry eyes?


Instructions for use: Wear after sunset (ideally one or two hours before bed) to help block blue light from TV’s, computer screens, mobile phones, other devices, Florescent and LED lights. Only take off glasses once all lights and devices are turned off.

Do you wear other glasses? Depending on the size and design of your other glasses, you may be able to wear these blue light blocker glasses over the top. Try them on before you buy at our upcoming workshops and events view calendar.


The Science:

Scientific evidence shows that blue light affects when our bodies create melatonin. Exposure to blue light from our phones, iPads, computers, TVs, and modern household lighting after dark disrupts melatonin signaling. In other words, exposure to blue light at nights, makes our body think it is the middle of the day. You can see how this can then send your circadian rhythm out of whack! Therefore potentially impacting sleep, blood pressure and glucose homeostasis.

Blue Light at night can also over stimulates our nervous system. We are already stressed from so many factors in our modern life and over stimulation from our blue-light devices especially at night is taking it’s toll on our health.







Please note we cannot give medical advice, please consult with your qualified practitioner if you have any questions about using this product for your own symptoms and circumstances.



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