New Earth teaching is a set of videos designed to assist your awakening.

These videos are for you to:

✓ Utilise to activate your chakras including hidden chakras.

✓ Awaken your consciouness more deeply.

✓ Connect with your higher self, angelic guidance and divine love.

✓ Eliminate slave self programming.

✓ Save money and be in control of your own self-healing ability.

This first video is a Healing Meditation
I am worthy of Love

This healing meditation is encrypted with vibrations and frequencies. It has been channeled from Archangel Ariel with divine guidance for you at this time. 

Find a quiet place and make yourself comfortable and surrender to being filled with worthiness of love. 

New Earth Teaching #1

New Earth Teaching #1 contains the New Earth Ode by Mel and teaching of The Law of One, the Law of Attraction and the Law of Attention.

These teachings have been channelled from Source.

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Healing Activation for your next upgrade

This activation meditation has been encrypted with frequencies and vibrations needed for your next activation. 

In exchange we ask for something we may need. It could be your service or an item or something that would assist us to keep living in New Earth as high frequency souls.

Please contact Mel to discuss the exchange and receive access to this activation meditation.

Healing Meditation for your next upgrade