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Healing from Nightshade Intolerance

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Healing Nightshade Intolerance is possible

Nightshade intolerance story part #2

For 7 years I have been actively avoiding everything in the nightshade family. Nightshades include a range of fruits, vegetables and spices that belong to the Solanaceae family of plants. Including tomatoes, capsicum, eggplant, paprika, Cayenne pepper, chilli and goji berries.

Tricky when you eat out or at other people’s places. However it is possible, and where there is a will there is a way.  You do get confident at asking chefs to leave things off your plate and figuring out that ‘spice’ on ingredient lists means ‘secret spice combination’ and usually contains paprika.

White potatoes are considered a nightshade, however the skin is more an issue. For me, I found as long as I didn’t have the skins, I was fine with white potatoes.

At home, when I made a curry or a tomato–based dish for my family, I would serve myself up the meat without the sauce to have with vegetables.

To me it was worth the effort, I was worth the effort. I enjoyed feeling well and being rid of regular headaches and other aches.

You can read more about how nightshades affected me and how I worked out my nightshade intolerance in this Why I hate Tomatoes blog here.

For a few years I was even so sensitive to nightshades that if this common nightshade weed popped it’s head up in our garden and was in flower – I would start feeling the effects. Pressure pain on the back of the neck and across the sinus. My husband would be sent out to track down the weed, pull it out and get rid of it.

However I have always had in my mind that one day I would find a way to heal it.

I had the hope that it was possible.  This mindset is key. Never laying down and accepting your current ‘normal’ has to be your ‘forever normal’ or worse yet accept that things will only get worse as you age.

Our beliefs and thoughts absolutely affect our reality.

In 2016 I met a guy at a mindset mastery course I was doing and was introduced to the idea of beliefs being a cause of food intolerances. He ended up doing a reading for me and I remember something about my nightshade intolerance being somehow linked to my lack of belief in abundant love which was causing a conflict in my body. At the time I filed it away in my mind as ‘interesting’ but wasn’t ready yet to explore it further. Or even comprehend what to do with that information next, let alone how to heal it.

It resonated with me though. A seed had been planted.

Don and Tyler Tolman’s talks introduced me to the ancient philosophy of the ‘Doctrine Of Signatures’. The wisdom that different foods look like different parts of our body that it can help with.

Do you remember getting told when you were younger to eat your carrots so you can see in the dark?  What does a carrot cut into a coin look like? The iris of the eye!  A walnut looks like a brain, broccoli like the lungs.

What do you see when you open a tomato or a capsicum?  Does it look like the chambers of a heart to you?

This seemed to fit in with matters of the heart. Beliefs around abundant and unconditional love perhaps?

Fascinating how piece-by-piece the information we need comes across our path.

Every time I attempt to finish writing this blog I wonder…will it even make sense to other people?  I mean how do you explain a series of synchonicities to others? A series of events over the years backed up by feelings and knowings inside yourself that means they ring true and make complete sense to you.

All I know is that I have the result I was searching for.

Being completely able to enjoy vegetables and spices in the nighshade family again WITHOUT any pain, bloating or side effects at all.

March 2020 and the ‘lockdown’ is suddenly our world and EMU Wellness events and workshops have to be cancelled.

A friend (Ann-Marie from My Innate Vitality) in Ireland messaged to say she was reaching out to offer stress healings for people at this time. We had done some of the same courses together and gone to the same events over the years. She was even at that same café table with that guy from the mindset course in his conversation about beliefs and food intolerances.

They say when a student is ready, the teacher will appear. When a person is truly ready to heal, the healer will appear.

Initially I put the offer down as lovely, I’ll keep it in the back of my mind if needed.

Some more little synchronistic events and she messaged me a link to an interview she’d thought I’d like, at the same time I had been thinking about whether to message her about pressure in my head and seeing if she thought my body was trying to process something. Next thing I was typing back a reply with my question. Next thing she is doing a remote healing session on me. Afterwards the pressure had gone and I felt somehow lighter.  Wow what was that all about?!

This type of healing was completely foreign and new to me. Yet I was so curious to find out what else could be released.  I had chosen to use this 2020 ‘down’ time to do some inner work and develop myself. It felt like the universe had landed this emotional healing modality in my lap and it resonated. So I surrender to the unknown, opened my mind and heart and booked in more sessions.

We spent time on releasing trapped emotions from events throughout my life including dissolving a heart wall I had built up.  Ensuring my mind held beliefs around being worthy of abundant and unconditional love.  Expanding my consciousness.

In my healing sessions I hadn’t specifically brought up the nightshade intolerance. After 7 years it was just a part of life and not at the forefront of my conscious mind. Yet as I now comprehend our subconscious mind is like our super computer, holding every tiny detail of our lives.

I then got a knowing in my body that I was going to be totally fine having nightshades again. So next time I made the family curry, I had a small amount. No issues!

A few more small tests of dishes with nightshades and yes I was fine! I can now eat any and all nighshades without any issues at all! Mindblowing!

I can now order the Thai Chilli salads and the currys I love. Eat the same meal with my family. And greatly expand the range of restaurant menu items to choose from.

IMPORTANT: I share my story, not to say that every ones nightshade intolerance is linked to beliefs around love, or that everyone will have the same healing experience I had. I share to demonstrate hope. To expand your mind.

Having experienced new levels of healing on multiple levels myself and knowing this emotional healing and belief work was a missing link for many of my own clients and community…I dived into an intensive learning journey myself to be able to offer this service at EMU Wellness.

If you are curious if your own nightshades or food intolerance or other symptom has a message for you. Or open and ready to do inner healing work using simple yet powerful whole-brain techniques you can read more and book in an in-person or virtual PSYCH-K®session here.