Wellness Speaker Melinda Blundell

Welcome! My name’s Melinda Blundell and I’m a Functional Nutrition Consultant, holistic wellness coach, PSYCH-K ® facilitator, experienced trainer and presenter. I started EMU Wellness after graduating from the Functional Nutrition Academy, to help people like you cut through the confusion of what is 'healthy' and reclaim your happier and healthier self.

Through workshops, coaching and educational events, I help you gain practical knowledge and skills of how to improve your overall wellness. As well as personal support and actionable steps to achieve your goals. EMU Wellness clients walk away with the mindset, knowledge, skills and confidence to make healthy food choices for themselves and their families at home.

Before I started my own food-as-medicine journey I believed I was living quite a healthy lifestyle and enabling my family to do the same. I assumed that getting regular headaches and colds, back pain, PMS symptoms and pain, low moods, being cranky when hungry and having extra kilos was ‘normal’ for me and what I just had to put up with. In 2011, my husband took the long road to recovery after a bad accident. From this, I knew it was time to wake up and take responsibility for my family’s health and healing. I empowered myself with knowledge and then took life-changing action step by step.

This catalyst was the beginning of my journey of creating EMU Wellness, which means ‘Elevate My Understanding’. I found that when you start to understand the why, what and how for needed changes in your life, you’re more likely to follow through to long-term success. This has made me a passionate wellness advocate, who wants to inspire and empower others to live their desired life too.

In my family’s life, making food and lifestyle changes have been profound. I’m in control of my health and all my 'normal' symptoms have gone! No more headaches, emotional monthly roller coaster or painful cramps. My hormones have re-balanced as well as my gut health. I’ve also found I have stronger immunity, more sustainable energy and am even sleeping better. Most importantly, I’m much happier and calmer meaning I can show up as the mum I want to be for my son.

This version of normal is really possible and it’s wholeheartedly worth the effort.

Penrith Local Business Awards Finalist 2019
Emu Wellness Altitude Awards Winner
Business Excellence Awards
Altitude Awards Business 2019


Here at EMU Wellness we believe in:

  • The healing and nourishing power of clean, real wholefoods.
  • Taking a holistic approach to wellness including nutrition, lifestyle and mindset
  • Simplifying the complicated
  • Making learning fun and inspiring
  • Taking responsibility for our own life
  • Recognising we are all unique and at different stages of our wellness journey
  • Sense of community and the importance of social connections

Warning: We like to question things and challenge the status quo…because let’s be honest…sticking our heads in the sand and following the social norm is making Australians fatter and physically and mentally sicker. We love this country and our mission is to have a positive impact on the health and happiness levels of all.

Warning: This is not about quick fixes…because let’s be honest…they don’t really exists anyway. This is about real food and empowering yourself with the knowledge, tools and skills to make successful lasting change.


What do we enjoy eating?

  • Ethically raised, free-range meats
  • Organic vegetables and fruit
  • Eggs from our happy backyard chickens
  • Wild caught seafood
  • Healthy fats like coconut oil, real butter, tallow, olive oil, avocado, nuts
  • Homemade gluten-free cakes and slices using e.g. coconut flour, almond meal
  • Dark chocolate and coffee
  • Occasional full-fat dairy plus dairy alternatives like coconut milk and coconut yoghurt
  • Bone broths and fermented foods

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